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cedar-roof-poolWe know that providing great service during these years will reflect on our company. Our intention is to provide tremendous value, service and consultation to all of our customers. We believe that providing education about our services, products and the industry, is the honest and professional way to assist homeowners. We vow to quickly resolve and correct any/all disputes with integrity should we fall short of our high standards.

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The Cedar Roof Company co-owner Brian Pott and head of The Cedar Roof Company Installation department, Mike Mallone, participate in teaching continued education classes for local Pennsylvania/Delaware home inspectors. Both Brian and Mike are often asked to inspect cedar shake and shingle roofs involved in real estate transactions.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 9.09.43 PMWe suggest that both home sellers and home buyers of a cedar roof receive a Roof Certification/Evaluation in order to assess its current condition. We encourage them to be present during the assessment when our representative can provide insight and discuss any/all pertinent information regarding the cedar roof. You will learn more about your wood roof by viewing it with a professional than by reading any proposal. No matter what the age/condition of the cedar roof – understanding it is invaluable.

Q: What is the difference between a Roof Certification and a Roof Evaluation?
A: They are very similar however a Roof Certification is the term used when the document is prepared for the home seller while a Roof Evaluation refers to the document prepared for a home buyer.

We suggest that both home sellers and home buyers receive a Roof Certification/Evaluation in real estate transfers.

We encourage you to be present during the assessment when our representative can provide insight and discuss any/all pertinent information regarding the cedar roof. You will learn more about your wood roof by viewing it with a professional than by reading any proposal. No matter what the age/condition of the cedar roof – understanding it is invaluable.

A professional Roof Evaluation can help buyers of a cedar roof home.

The Cedar Roof Company offers a Roof Evaluation: A specific, fact based representation of the roof, that, when furnished, can be used to educate the homeowners, home inspectors and real estate agents about the roof. A Roof Evaluation costs Five Hundred Dollars ($500). This money spent can be used in the future for any entire CRC roof replacement/preservation services (not including repair) if the buyer purchases the home inspected.

Real Estate Assistance Program (R-E-A-P) Designed For Home sellers of cedar roofs.

Home inspectors have a difficult job in determining the condition and maintenance/repair options available today for cedar roofs. Fortunately the professionals of The Cedar Roof Company can help cedar roof homeowners understand their roof and its current condition. Every cedar roof is unique and has many variables that affect its condition and life expectancy. Even many older cedar roofs beyond preservation can still have years of dependable service left in them.

The Cedar Roof Company is the only local wood roof company to issue Roof Certification and Transferable Leak & Repair Warranties that facilitate the sale of a cedar roof home by documenting the condition of the roof and accepting the limited liability for its future performance. These programs can provide security to wary buyers and take the liability off the home inspector in regard to the cedar roof.

Q: What is the difference between a Guarantee and a Warranty?
A: A Warranty includes transferability while a Guarantee is designed specifically for the designated holder.

Guarantee/Warranty perks and benefits.

The Customer Leak & Repair Guarantee and/or Transferable Leak & Repair Warranty covers the entire roof system and flashings including but not limited to the valleys, step flashings and counter flashings that appear throughout the roof. The repair(s) to any Pre-Purchased Guarantee/Warranty customers are elevated to priority scheduling and will receive prompt and quality service. The Actual Guarantee/Warranty information contained within these documents is proprietary to The Cedar Roof Company and is distributed at their discretion.

The Guarantee/Warranty may or may not provide an annual no-cost roof inspection that can be pre-scheduled by calendar month for the entire covered term through The Cedar Roof Company’s office. Any future repair work required within the Guarantee/Warranty term will be performed at a reduced repair deductible (Either $159 or $259) depending on Guarantee/Warranty type offered/purchased and a reasonable shake/shingle charge not to exceed Twelve Dollars ($12.00 per) within the Guarantee/Warranty Term. Any/all deductible monies paid for unsuccessful leak repair performed under Guarantee/Warranty Coverage (not to exceed Two Hundred And Fifty Nine Dollars $259) is refundable.

We provide peace of mind for home sellers and home buyers.

Our real estate Roof Certification for sellers and our real estate Roof Evaluation for buyers provide specific documentation of a cedar roofs materials, condition and life expectancy. By providing complete and honest information we help assist all parties involved understand the condition and available options regarding the roof. The Roof Certification is important to have prepared by The Cedar Roof Company before any home inspector makes an evaluation of the cedar roof. It is often recommended that a Transferable Leak & Repair Warranty regarding the roof is also offered if the roof qualifies for coverage.

A Transferable Leak & Repair Warranty will provide security to a home buyer of a cedar roof home. If an unforeseen roof repair or leak(s) becomes an issue during the term of the Leak & Repair Warranty, The Cedar Roof Company has a repair division designed to offer outstanding service and professional repair to its customer who holds The Leak & Repair Warranty.

Preservation Customers Selling Their Home Automatically Qualify For Upgraded Coverage.

Guarantee holders and preservation “In Cycle” customers can elect The Transferable Leak & Repair Warranty coverage for any remaining months/years of their Guarantee Term with the decision to enter the home for sale. This is considered an upgrade of coverage. If an upgrade of Transferable Warranty Coverage is elected within the Guarantee Term an upgrade charge will be applied on a prorated basis to the remaining months/years. We also  recommend that Transferable Warranty holders have a Roof Certification performed and dated at the time the home is offered for sale.

We know your cedar roof better than your home inspector.

We recommend having both the Transferable Leak & Repair Warranty as well as the Roof Certification activated and dated before the cedar roof home is listed on the market. The advantage for the home seller is enhanced when factual documentation of the condition and life expectancy of the cedar roof was a consideration when determining a fair market price for the home. There is nothing more damaging than an unforeseen report from a home inspector that could have been either minimized or avoided altogether. NOTE: A Grace period for as few as six months comes standard for all Repair Warranty offers. The Grace Period covers the homeowner with Leak & Repair Warranty coverage throughout the home selling process and helps ensure the entire term of the Warranty purchased can be successfully transferred to the buyer.

No matter what your cedar roof needs are you can feel confident of our analysis of the roof and the assurances we provide. Be prepared; know your options by scheduling a roof consultation.

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