Our Goings and Comings

Above the Rest

The Cedar Roof Company specializes in the installation, preservation and repair of cedar shake and shingle roofs By Sharon A. Shaw | Photography by Rob Hall The wet and windy weather conditions of the last few weeks have caused many homeowners to think about their roofs. Thankfully, those with wood roofs have an expert they […]

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Buying and Selling

Scott Furman, a Realtor with RE/MAX Classic in Saint Davids was recognized last year as the No. 1 agent in the region and the state. He is also the owner of a cedar roof home that he has relied on The Cedar Roof Company to maintain. This unique perspective provides him with an exceptional understanding […]

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Reap What you Sow

After several years of declining home sales, it seems the real estate market may finally be improving. However, even in the best of times, home buyers still seem to have the upper hand. For the owners of cedar roof homes it can be even more fretful. A cedar shake or shingle roof can be a […]

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Bad Practices

According to Mark Carroll of Capital Forest Products, in the 1980s, the Mid-Atlantic market was exposed to a considerable amount of off-grade wood. By using lesser-quality logs, cutting with less precision and packing to less stringent standards, some mills saved money on labor and material costs but produced substandard material. Homeowners and contractors who were […]

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A Team Effort

“Want to head in?” asked Vic Carrao, captain and owner of STS Guiding Service in Mission, British Columbia. It had been a long day fishing on the Fraser River, east of Vancouver. The fishermen included four visitors from the East Coast of the United States; Brian Pott and Mike Malone of The Cedar Roof Company […]

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