Professional cedar roof repair.

Though many homeowners panic when they see evidence of a leak The Cedar Roof Company believes that the most important thing they should understand is that there is rarely pressure to make a quick decision. Even an active/visible leak can be fixed in order to allow you adequate time to consider your options.


Take your time to make the best decision before replacing your cedar roof.

You have probably heard the saying, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” This statement can often be applied when considering repair to an older wood roof or section of roof beyond the stage of cleaning and preservation. For example, an older section of roof with excessive curling, splitting and deterioration of the shake or shingle exposure may be best left alone. There are three main reasons why:

  1. Removing a shake or shingle from a cedar roof is an invasive process. In order to remove just one piece of wood six nails must be broken or ripped out of their setting which includes under layers of wood and the decking (usually plywood or lathing strips). For a shake roof where felt paper is commonly used to create an extra layer of protection, tearing is unavoidable. When repairing an older non – protected wood roof a domino effect is likely to take place. One repair turns into many (patch repair) because the surrounding wood cannot take the necessary force of    the initial shake or shingle removal. This area of repair is now more vulnerable to leaking then it was before the repair took place.
  2. The new repairs (often patches) do not match the rest of the older roof. The aesthetic presentation of new wood scattered throughout the old roof is certainly not an aesthetic advantage. Even after natural weathering of the replacement shakes/shingles the color/quality will still be noticeable. The chance extensive repairs on an older wood roof at the end of its life cycle give any extra roof life is doubtful and much more likely can create a leak.
  3. The cost of repairs are expensive and not always in your best interest. Sometimes it makes sense to save your money for a new roof in the future. Active leaks requiring specific attention can always be diagnosed and in the majority of cases successfully repaired.

NOTE: Be aware that not all sections of roof weather at the same rate. Part replacement and part preservation is often an option which can save the homeowner substantial replacement costs. No matter what the age of your roof – understanding it is invaluable. Evaluations can be submitted, options can be provided and decisions can be made based on knowledge.

cedar-roof-repairFact: Any wood shake/shingle can be properly removed and replaced or shimmed with metal. It is a benefit when removing a shake/shingle that the surrounding wood is in good shape. Homeowners who preserve their wood roof and Stay “In Cycle” are less likely to require future repair and if they do the results are almost always successful.

On older cedar roofs with depreciated wood exposure metal shims are the preferred method of repair. They are easier to install, less invasive, less noticeable and less likely to cause a leak then shake/shingle tear-out and replacement. Attempting to prevent future leaks by aggressive repair requiring foot traffic and extensive shake/shingle tear-outs on an older roof with badly deteriorated wood is never advisable.

The cedar roof company offers two repair options.

We handle every repair project, from the small to the large, with an unparalleled standard of quality, craftsmanship and service. Our experienced technicians treat every home as if it was their own and this care and concern shows in every job we complete. The service does not end when the repairs are completed either. The workmanship on any of The Cedar Roof Companies repairs are guaranteed for a minimum of three years.

Option One: Standard Leak & Repair Service.

All of our Non-Guarantee/Warranty repairs begin with a flat basic service fee of Three Hundred And Sixty Five Dollars ($365). For this, a technician will come to your home for up to one hour to provide an overall roof inspection and analysis, labor and standard repair materials not including a per shake/shingle replacement charge of Twelve Dollars ($12) per. In many cases involving wood roofs, the damaged area is a relatively small and with proper diagnosis the problem can often be pinpointed and fixed during this visit.

If the roof repair requires additional time, an hourly rate of One Hundred Dollars ($100) is charged for the second and third hour on a pro-rated fifteen minutes basis. If The Cedar Roof Company repair technician feels that a roof repair(s) will require more than three hours to complete, you will not be charged anything for the service call. Instead, we will provide a written detailed estimate encompassing all labor and materials required to make the repair so that you can make an informed decision about your cedar roof.

Option Two: Service and Repair covered by our customer Guarantee/Transferable Leak & Repair Warranty.

The repair(s) and any other recommendations (if any) will be documented and billed as per the Guarantee/Warranty, not including a per shake/shingle charge. Again we recommend conservative roof repair.

Guarantee/Warranty Perks And Benefits.

cedar-roof-poolThe customer Guarantee and or Transferable Warranty covers the entire roof system and flashings including but not limited to the valleys, step flashings and counter flashings that appear throughout the roof. The repair(s) to any Pre-Purchased Guarantee/Warranty customers are elevated to priority scheduling and will receive prompt and quality service. The Actual Guarantee/Warranty information contained within these documents is proprietary to The Cedar Roof Company and is distributed at their discretion.

The Guarantee/Warranty may or may not provide an annual no-cost roof inspection that can be pre-scheduled by calendar month for the entire covered term through The Cedar Roof Company office. Any future repair work required within the Guarantee/Warranty term will be performed at a reduced repair deductible (Either $159 or $259) depending on the Guarantee/Warranty type offered/purchased and a reasonable shake/shingle charge not to exceed Twelve Dollars ($12.00 per) within the Guarantee/Warranty term. Any/all deductible monies paid for unsuccessful leak repair performed under Guarantee/Warranty Coverage is refundable.

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